Amazon FBA Inventory – How To Find Wholesale Suppliers

Amazon FBA Program

Amazon FBA Inventory – How To Find Wholesale Suppliers

IF you have not heard of the Amazon FBA program you should research it. When searching for Amazon FBA inventory, wholesale suppliers are the way to go. You need to increase your margins or profits by buying low and selling high.

How Does Amazon FBA Work?

Basically you can source products at a discount from various wholesale and liquidation auctions or other sources. You can also just buy directly from manufacturers in China using

amazon fba inventory suppliers

Once you source a product you can literally sign up for the Amazon FBA program and get it listed there quickly. They will take care of the storing of inventory and all the shipping and details.

You can list these products on Amazon and when they sell Amazon takes a third of the selling price and you keep the rest. Amazon is a huge selling platform. Find a good source for inventory to test on the Amazon FBA program and test market it. If the product sells successfully you can scale this up and it can be like an automated system for cash flow and income.

I would not say it is easy and will be work to get it setup, but once it is rolling it can be very profitable and can be relatively automated.

Amazon FBA Inventory Wholesale Suppliers

The number one marketplace to source products for Amazon FBA is

If you really want to find great prices going direct to manufacturers is the best way to go. You will find manufacturers in China as well as reviews and email contacts to go direct to them to request quotes and samples.

This would be our first choice and recommendation.

When exploring Amazon FBA products all you need is a couple winners to make it very profitable and then scale that formula up. You can then add similar products as people will look at your Amazon profile to see other products you are selling. They also have a PPC or pay per click advertising program which can also boost your traffic to your products you are selling through the Amazon FBA program.

Try to pick products where you will make enough profit margin to make it worth your while. You can also check out the Amazon bestsellers list and then drill into niche categories to just get an idea of what is selling the best.

This does not necessarily mean that your products won’t sell well but it is a place to start and get ideas. You can just Google Amazon BestSellers list and you will find the top selling products currently on Amazon.

If some of these products start working and you are making money online you could also try to replicate this on Ebay or even your own niche website.

Good Luck.

The Wholesale Guy

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