Ebay Wholesale Products, Offers and Deals

ebay wholesale bulk lots

Ebay Wholesale Products, Offers and Deals

Most people don’t think of Ebay as a source for wholesale products as they tend to think of it as an auction site where people are trying to sell clothing, electronics, tools and just everyday household items.

Wholesale Products

Ebay is actually a great place to find deeply discounted items as well as bulk inventory to resell. For example the item below is a Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband, Black, Large going for $109.99 vs the retail price I paid for mine of $150. This is almost a third off and you can find these deals all the time on their site.

You can find mobile devices, shoes, clothing all at these really discounted prices. These Ebay offers and deals can mean big savings to you and the possibility to either buy the products for yourself or to resale for a profit.

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Wholesale Bulk Lots

You can also find suppliers that are on Ebay selling bulk lots of wholesale clothing, electronics, iPhones, Laptops and even jewelry.

You can buy smaller lots than if you went through some of the bigger liquidation companies and still get really discounted prices.

You just have to look and when you find suppliers on Ebay that are reputable you can follow them to see other items they are listing in bulk lots for you to purchase.

Ebay Wholesale Suppliers

We wanted to present this idea because most people look at Ali Express, Alibaba to find items overseas to resell. Most do not really think of Ebay as a source for wholesale or bulk lots of products.

But it can be a great place to look and find deals on wholesale products and suppliers that you can buy from and then work with in the future to source other profitable products that you can buy at a discount and resell for a profit.

We will continue to research items that you can find on Ebay and resell for a profit and list them here under the Ebay category on our site.

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