The Official Walmart Liquidation Site

walmart liquidation auctions is the Official Walmart Liquidation Site.

This is seriously the official liquidation marketplace for

This is where you can bid on excess inventory, customer returns, and refurbished bulk lots directly from Walmart!

This is an amazing site and has Walmart auctions going on with lots of various categories to choose from and bid on accordingly.

Some of the categories at The Official Walmart Liquidation Site include:

Home Entertainment, Outdoor Sports, Outdoor Living, Furniture, Appliances, Clothing and Apparel, Bikes and Ride Ons and many more on all types of products.

The auctions on this site will show the current bid, quantity of bids for that auction as well as time left on the auction itself.

This is one place you can buy truckloads of furniture, appliances or apparel by bidding on an auction.

When you buy in bulk lots like this you will get the products at a much cheaper price since your are buying a more economic order quantity.

Walmart is a multinational company that has department stores all over and whose liquidation auctions help clear older inventory out of the store allowing newer more popular items in to be restocked.

Another big category is home entertainment. Sony, HP, Emerson are the big players here.

Many smaller stores and online E-commerce stores could buy these items from Walmart Liquidation Auctions for Pennies on the dollars and sell these items on Ebay or other online selling platforms.

I am glad seeing Walmart getting into this liquidation auction site business and think could end up being a new revenue producer for them as well as a steady source of supply for other Wholesalers and liquidators.

Walmart Liquidations is part of The B-Stock Sourcing Network.

The B-Stock Sourcing Network enables resellers to buy liquidation and overstock inventory directly from reputable enterprise retailers like Walmart, Sam’s Club and others.

Their network has liquidated over 1 billion dollars of overstock inventory.

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