How To Find Wholesale Suppliers & Manufacturers To Private Label A Product And Sell

Private Label A Product

How To Find Wholesale Suppliers & Manufacturers To Private Label A Product And Sell

Today I am going to give you some details and ideas on how to find Wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for private label products. When you private label a product you essentially just buy an existing product from a wholesale source and then make it your own. You will make your own logo and labels and market the products as the retail source.

How Do I Find Private Label Products?

There are a ton of ways to find wholesale suppliers to source your private label product and then sell.

Just Google the item you want to source and type on “private label”. Wow that way easy!

Depending on your product you want to sell you can just do the research quickly using the search engines. Then research the top companies from the search and check out their websites or give them a call. Many times you can get a sales rep who will give you a ton of good information right over the phone.

So for example if you want to source a private label supplement like Vitamin B12, just type Vitamin B12 Supplement Private Label. Check out the sources and give them a call for pricing.

This is just one of the easier ways and to find local U.S. Based sources to get your products from or information.

How Do I Find Wholesale Suppliers or Manufacturers in China?

One of the best ways to find good wholesale suppliers to private label products from in China is to use This website is really interesting and has thousands of products and their manufacturers.

You will want to check a couple boxes when doing the search and one is to pick Gold Suppliers only and ones that have been verified. Then type in the product category you are looking to find wholesale suppliers and manufacturers for to buy your private label products.

You will then want to contact them and ask for a sample size. Normally they want you to buy larger lots, but this can be negotiated down. Do not say your are the owner of the company. Tell them you are a purchasing rep and you will feed this information back to the company. Many times the wholesale supplier or manufacturer will work with you on sample sizes to get your started. They know long term you could become a steady client or partner.

Use these two methods to find wholesale suppliers and manufacturers to private label a product.

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