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I want to help you to discover the amazing world of selling products online and how to find wholesale suppliers for Amazon FBA, Ebay or your own E-commerce store or website.

Get ideas and find ways to build a list of wholesale suppliers for your niche products.

Wholesale Suppliers for Amazon FBA, Ebay or Your Online Store!

I want you to be able to setup your own small business sourcing products to sell on platforms like Amazon FBA, Ebay and/or your own online store or website.

Many college students and business graduates are out there looking for work or searching for a job. Some people have gotten laid off and cannot find work. Working for someone else is not the only way to earn an income.

I cannot and will not guarantee you will be successful.

But, I wanted to create this site to explain the system and process of using your creativity to find and source your own product and to sell on one of these powerful online platforms. We live in a great time with the invention of the internet and the world of E-commerce continues to boom and more and more people are going online to find products to buy.

Seize this opportunity and check out the resources and tools we discuss on this site and learn how to sell online. Control your own destiny.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA stands for Fufillment By Amazon. This is Amazon’s fufillment program.

The Amazon FBA system allows really anyone to source and then turn around and sell their goods on the Amazon platform.

The actual fulfillment of your products in the E-commerce world is one of the largest challenges of any ecommerce business.

So simply put with the FBA program, Amazon will do all the work by storing your products in one of its warehouses, shipping them to your customers for your products and will handle all refunds and returns.

The great thing about the program is that everyone has heard of Amazon and it has fantastic customer service and a system that works great. So why reinvent the wheel when you can just use their systems that are already setup. The real key is finding a niche product you can sell and how to source it and learning all the rules of the system and process.

Where Do You Find Inventory To Sell On Amazon or Ebay?


– has liquidation auctions and other wholesale bulk lots that you can bid on to find really low per piece prices. There is allot of opportunities to come in and grab an auction of clothing, electronics, jewelry or even iPads for a super low per unit price where you can then sell it for a profit. It is liquidation inventories such as shelf pulls for clothing and sometimes salvage inventory for electronics. Just make sure you read the details and know what you are bidding on but this can be a great option for finding good wholesale inventories to resell at a profit.


– Source products direct from China manufacturers. This is primarily to get product samples and wholesale bulk lots.

One of the most recommended websites to find all kinds of niche products that you can source directly from manufacturers in China and other countries including the U.S is Alibaba.com

Some people are kind of intimidated at first about signing into the Alibaba.com website and sending a manufacture an email request for a sample product or lot to be shipped to the U.S or other country but taking that first step could change your life and outlook towards venturing into your own business.

I will go into more detail on this site on tips for this process, but the main thing is just getting started. Alibaba is a huge online marketplace and very powerful allowing you not only to source products directly from countries like China, but direct to the manufacturer and has a great platform to review the suppliers and get samples for products as well as ideas for niche markets.

If you want to learn more about Alibaba or start sourcing products – Click Here to go to Alibaba.com


– Find Wholesale products in Smaller Lots. Owned by Alibaba.

AliExpress is a great place if you just want to test a product out and buy retail and not ready to buy large bulk lots. You can still find retail items at great wholesale prices here.

AliExpress by Alibaba.com

If you want to get samples from a manufacture and serious about buying bulk lots Alibaba is the way to go.

To learn more Click Here to Go to AliExpress.com

Amazon Wholesale Products Featured

Yeah, I know it sounds strange but people actually sell wholesale products on Amazon. I have included some sample links below for you to check out the concept. The first is wholesale bulk sunglasses.

This can be a great idea and my brother actually has sourced sunglasses really cheap from suppliers and has turned around and sold them for a profit. Amazon actually has allot of suppliers selling wholesale products so check the examples out below and search for other ideas from there.

Bargain 7000 Sunglasses Wholesale Lot Women’s Men’s Kids & Readers 100 Pieces (100 For Adult)

Bulk Buys Metallic Brown Handbag -40-Pack

Wholesale Lot 12 Women’s Sundresses Silk Blend Assorted Sizes Sun Dresses with Straps

Using Ebay as a Wholesale Source for Products and Suppliers

Ebay is similar to Amazon in the fact that some of the auctions and sellers specialize in bulk lots and selling products wholesale. You may find a new supplier or source just by checking out all the wholesale items they have on their auction site.

We have included a link below to our article which explains how to get clothing, electronics, jewelry and other items at deeply discounted prices using Ebay as a source for wholesale products and suppliers.

Ebay Wholesale Products

Government Auctions

I have also included information below for you to check out regarding Government auctions. It is just another source and interesting place to search for ideas. Some of these auctions include property like real-estate and automobiles, not just products.

GovernmentAuctions.org® – Highly publicized government auction site where you can find seized, repossessed items, cars and even property at huge discounts.

What Products or Inventory are Best to Sell?

This is an interesting question and the answer is it depends.

Finding a niche product is really key and here are a couple way to do it.

Simply by going to Google and typing in Amazon BestSellers is a great way to start. You will find what is already selling at the top of Amazon for various categories.

An interesting example that was used was the product Yoga Mats for selling on Amazon FBA.

yoga mats for amazon fba

There are lots of Yoga Mats being sold on Amazon, but this guy actually thought of modifying the ones he was selling to be thicker than the typical mat being sold. This is a great example of taking an existing great selling product and creating your own niche by either making it different, in this case thicker or even changing the color. What about Pink Yoga mats? I mean it is just an idea, but it drives home the point.

There are also household or kitchen products that are being sold out there that could be made better or improved upon. When you go to Alibaba.com you can actually contact manufacturers directly and ask them for a modification or sample that you can test in the marketplace.

You can also read reviews and sometimes people are actually in the review asking for specific features for a product. By leveraging this information you may be able to create your own brand of products that are unique and sell them on Amazon, Ebay or on your own store or website.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one platform either. It may be a good idea to diversify and sell on Amazon FBA, Try out Ebay Auctions and setup your own niche website just for your products and sell them online.

How Can I Open My Own Online E-commerce Store?

There are two options and it just depends on what you want to do. The first is to utilize an existing platform and pay a monthly fee to have your E=commerce store up and running. We recommend the provider below. You an also setup an E-commerce store via the free online software for websites and blogs called WordPress. You will need to buy a domain, get hosting and pick a WordPress E-commerce theme. You can check all this out at WPSetup.com

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You can even setup an E-commerce store using WordPress.

If you do not know how you can outsource it, but actually with a little effort you can do it yourself easily.

If you would like to learn more about setting up your own website using WordPress you can go to WPSetup.com

Disclaimer: We do make a small commission from some of the companies we discuss on this site if you click on the affiliate links and sign up. We appreciate you doing this as it helps us continue to provide free information to you.

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