wholesale and liquidation products and suppliers

Welcome to Wholesale611!

Buying and Selling actual products can be allot of fun.

The hard part is setting up a system or process that works. There are always great discussions around that invention or great product that is going to skyrocket in sales, but the reality is that finding that niche product or idea can be extremely difficult.

The content on this site is going to reflect actual research on the how you go about finding a product, connecting with the right suppliers, buying inventory, international shipments, warehousing and alternative options to automate the process.

3 Secrets to Success in Buying and Selling Products For a Profit

1. Determining What Types of Products You Can Buy and Sell For A Profit.
2. Where to Buy or Source Those Products and Which Suppliers are The Best.
3. Where to Sell those products to make a profit.

These are the key topics of our site at Wholesale611.

We will discuss each of these topics and go into more detail on each.

What Types of Products Can I Buy and Sell and Actually Make a Profit?

There are literally thousands of products you can buy and sell online.

We will explore many of the best product categories for wholesale and liquidation products.

How Do I Find Wholesale and Liquidation Suppliers?

There are more and more small businesses starting up today than ever before. With the internet, you have easy access to hundreds of key suppliers for various niche products.

We will discuss the very best suppliers and how you can get wholesale or liquidation products from them that can be sold individually or in bulk lots for a profit.

How Do You Sell These Products Once They Have Arrived?

Auction Sites

There are allot of ways you can sell products online. Some of the basic ways are on auction sites like Ebay or Amazon.

Amazon FBA

The Amazon FBA craze is another way to sell products that you can have delivered to the U.S from overseas or direct from manufacturers or wholesalers right here in the U.S.. The FBA stands for fulfillment by Amazon and is an entire process we will discuss in its own article.

E-Commerce Platforms

Other small business owners have found E-commerce platforms like Shopify, Big Commerce and Volusion. These are out of the box solutions and can get you up and running fast.

Build You Own Website

Another option is just to setup your own website with a free open source software called WordPress and getting a plugin like WooCommerce. If you are not sure how it is easy to just outsource the design and have someone set it up for you. Make sure they give you some basic training so you know how to add products and make changes.

All of these options have their positives and negatives and we will be discussing all of them in future articles on this site.